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Applecross Residence



This is a house for a close-knit family of a son's family and his elderly mother. The house is prepared for multigenerational living with an ensuite on the ground floor that opens up towards a herb and vegetable garden in the backyard. 

The site is a relatively small site for the amount of functions required by the client so storage spaces are cleverly designed into the house. Storage space is designed under the stairs with a concealed door and pull-out pantry is used to fully utilise the depth of the pantry unit.

This house also uses light to enhance the quality of interior space, with a double-storey high window for the stairwell which draws in soft light and light up the main circulation space. Recessed LED lights helps to highlight feature walls and also provide working lighting for kitchen bench.

Other than that, smart wiring is integrated into the house with smart switches controlling various lighting and motorised blinds, enabling a seamless operation no matter where you are in the house. 



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