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Scarborough Residence


This residence was designed for a young family wanting to settle down and build their family home. The rooms were designed to be flexible and change function as the children grow.

Being environmentally conscious, the clients wanted to integrate environmentally friendly features to the design. As a result, the layout was developed to maximise North facing openings. The project also features a generous garden and a concrete planter box to the upper level rooms which contributes to cooling down the house in summer. Fixed louvres were also designed to maximise sun penetration in winter but block it out in summer. The construction method chosen was reverse brick veneer for it high performance in terms of controlling heat intake and heat retention.

​Beyond those features, our focus was to design a place our clients could call Home. Working through the clients’ functional requirements was an important part of the design process. Generous living spaces allow the family to gather whilst nooks and separate bedrooms allow each occupant to find some private space in the dwelling.  

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