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WA Grant & HomeBuilder - Can I claim both?

Under the Building Bonus Grant, $20,000 can now be claimed via a new WA Government stimulus grant announced recently.

This is in addition to the Federal Governments HomeBuilder grant and enables you to claim for both grants for new buildings, meaning up to $45,000 in total can be claimed on certain eligible projects.

To be eligible you would need:

  • to commence construction of your new home by 31 December 2020

  • a building contract or evidence of construction

  • to apply before June 30, 2021

For more details check the WA Government website here. A few differences to the Federal Government HomeBuilder grant includes that it applies to wholly new homes on vacant land only, but also for the ability for owner-builders to claim.

The application form for the grant is here, also available on their website:

Hubble Design can assist you in obtaining a Building Contract or for assistance with an owner builder's Building Permit application if you need. Give Patrick a call now on 0433 152 793 or an email at to discuss how we can help you take advantage of both of these opportunities.

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